INNOVO is an engineering and manufacturing firm devoted to providing high value professional services and high technology equipment for Renewables, Oil & Gas and Marine Business scenarios. INNOVO Group has operative companies.


Modular Pontoon - Example


INNOVO offers a wide range of products, including jack-up systems, modular pontoons and cable laying equipment, such as powered reel drive system, spooler and modular carousel system. INNOVO pushed technology beyond its limits and provided the fastest modular Jack-Up in the world (2009) and the most powerful reel drive system (2014).

Renting image


INNOVO offers a wide range of products available for renting for short, mid and long term solution. Check out the solution that will meet your needs.

Jack-Up installation


Thanks to the various competence of his team, INNOVO offers a wide range of services, from consultancy to survey. More than that, INNOVO develops, designs, implements and maintains integrated “total package” technical solutions for its clients.

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