“Not just thinking about our clients, but thinking as our clients, providing creative technical solutions and realizing target driven implementation” – INNOVO Engineering Foundation (2007).

INNOVO core business and activities:

INNOVO provides engineering and project management services to clients active in Oil & Gas and Renewables, Marine and Industry.

INNOVO translates a client’s idea into a sound and firm design ready for implementation.

INNOVO performs the engineering of a project, the procurement of all resources and in conclusion we manage the realization – The entire project, from initiation to completion in one hand, one firm hand.

INNOVO team performs a wide range of activities from conceptual studies to detailed analysis work, joining a long and intensive experience with a wide knowledge and training on main engineering software available.

With an engineering approach, INNOVO realizes Client’s requirements by identification of potential solutions to the problems; thanks to sophisticated technologies utilized for rendering and modelling, the solutions are presented to the Client and are analysed using the most upgraded and efficient FEA calculations.


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