INNOVO supplies engineering services to the main worldwide Oil & Gas Companies operating on ultra-deep water market by designing and manufacturing dedicated machinery utilized from well-head installation, pipeline repair, deep-water oil & chemical agent recovery (i.e. Emergency Pipe Repair System), up to subsea well inspection and maintenance working either at high environment pressure and high temperature.

INNOVO has been engineering, designing and supplying the main flexible and umbilical laying equipment systems (i.e. as reels, carousels, powered reel hub drive system, etc.) and modular jack-up barges and pontoons for operations in the shallow water.

INNOVO performs the main conceptual study work and prepares detailed procedures for offshore construction works, also with the supplying of skilled personnel for supervising and managing the offshore campaign operations.

We conduct engineering studies from simple pieces of ad-hoc design work, to offshore installation procedures, and extend to full FEED studies on field infrastructure and process optimisation.

The main services that INNOVO has been providing to the Oil & Gas and offshore market are the followings:

  • Executive project and detailed engineering (structural analysis of every jack-up sections, such as pontoons, lifting systems, spud, connections, and detailed design of the mechanical constructive elements) of various
    Modular Jack-Up Platform System for offshore operations, as:
    • Dredging works
    • cable/umbilical/flexible pre-lay trenching and back filling
  • Executive project of equipment for cable laying, such as Powered Reel Hub Drive, Carousels, Turntable, Reels and Under Roller. Every product is supplied to the Clients complied with a detailed design and engineering (structural analysis and mechanical design of all components and ancillaries), supervising the manufacturing, procurement and testing phases.
  • Structural engineering and detailed design of any structures to be positioned on a various range of vessel during different offshore campaigns:
    • Executive design of grillages foundation for cable laying machinery and various equipment,
    • Structures utilize for the pipe laying (VLS Tower, stinger, etc)
    • Equipment seafastening calculation and vessel deck strengthening check and analysis
    • Interfacing activities with Class approval (DNV, RINA, Lloyds Register etc..) for vessel deck solution conformity and appraisal
  • Design, develop and management of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System and detailed engineering and manufacturing of all mechanical equipment and machinery for performing the recovery, repair and testing on the existing subsea pipelines.
  • Dynamic analysis and modelling relevant to cable laying operations and various equipment deployment on the seabed
  • Engineering supplying and project engineering (procedures development) and management for different offshore operations:
    • Mobilisation phases
    • Survey and Diving Campaign
    • Cable and umbilical installation and post-lay trenching,
    • Pipe laying
    • Platform decommissioning operations
    • Well abandonment operations
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