Innovo and Sparrows Group have formed a partnership to deliver the largest capacity fully electric drive flexible cable and umbilical system to the rental market.

Developed to provide a robust, reliable and modern technology system, it is used for single or multiple installation of flexible flowlines, risers, umbilicals, mooring wires and power cables ensuring a safe, fast and economical installation.

The system is capable of handling product installation from a multitude of offshore dynamically positioned or anchored vessels in shallow and deep water.


  • Innodrive RDS
  • Tensioners
  • Combines Electrical Power Unit (EPU) and control cabins
  • Tracking system for multiple reels
  • Level winder
  • Overboarding chute
  • Winches


  • A safe, fast and economical installation
  • Suitable for a number of vessels
  • Automatic control system between Reel Drive System (RDS) and tensioner
  • Product lay or recovery
  • One control station for all equipment
  • Robust, reliable and technically advanced


  • Usable with varying sizes of reels on same firing line
  • Remote access and remote screen share allows best surveillance of operations
  • Sophisticated system allows for very accurate speed and tension control
  • Drive failure does not pose risk of contamination or system failure
  • Two people required to operate complete system per shift
  • Faster, safer spooling of multiple reels


Electric Drive Lay Spread

Electric Drive Lay Spread


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