INNOVO modular jack up is the reliable choice to operate with high waves in every shallow waters.

INNOVO jack up is realized by modular components: INNOFLOAT modular pontoons and INNOLIFT lifting modules, both RINA certified (other class on demand).

INNOFLOAT are box shaped floating elements which are specifically designed to be assembled, once placed in water, into larger units of extremely variable shape and dimension.

Each INNOLIFT module is powered and controlled by a client’s customized HPU and Control System.

The four INNOLIFT modules are connected to the Control System by an easy-to-mate connectors.

On each INNOLIFT module the lift is performed by hydraulic cylinder pair; the pontoon safe positioning is ensured by tough latches hydraulically powered.

INNOLIFT lifting modules are physically disconnected to INNOFLOAT floating modular pontoons.

By means of proven connection system, legs can be easily connected wherever (according to system’s stability equilibrium analysis) around the pontoon configuration.

On piles’ bottom is installed a spherical joint to allow better feet adjustment to sea-bottom irregularities. It can be easily installed a back-up system to disconnect foot from pile in case of pile jamming on soil.

In order to guarantee either high lifting speed and liability, INNOVO developed a patented manual/semiautomatic/automatic system based on 46 input signal data (30 analog + 16 digital) monitored by Control System’s PLC that let INNOVO jack-up exceed the lifting speed of 0,4m/min during deployment: certified as “fastest in the world” officially.

INNOLIFT set (4 modules) has a lifting capacity of up to 400 mT.

Technical data




RINA class: C @ HULL
(BV, DNV, GL, LR, ABS, RUSSIAN REGISTER class on demand)
Link for 1,5 and 2 m heigh module

INNOFLOAT L [m] B [m] T [m] W [t] Deck Capacity [t/mq]
3/18 3 3 2 4,1 6
6/36 6 3 2 8,0 6
9/54 9 3 2 11,5 6
12/72 12 3 2 14,5 6


RINA certificated
(BV, DNV, GL, LR, ABS, RUSSIAN REGISTER certificated on demand)
Link for 1,5 and 2 m heigh module

INNOLIFT L [m] B [m] T [m] W [t] Lifting Force [t] Spud [in] Spud L/W [m/t]
34-50 3 3 2 14,5 50 34” 6 / 3,2
34-65 3 3 2 15,0 65 34” 6 / 3,2
34-75 3 3 2 20,5 75 34” 6 / 3,2

Assembly process

Lifting automation

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