INNOVO Link span is a type of drawbridge used mainly in the operation of moving vehicles on and off a RO-RO vessel or ferry.

INNOVO Link span is an up to 180Te payload barge made of the followings:

  • Floating elements (i.e. barge, modular pontoons, etc..)
  • Lifting system (Innolift, RINA certified)

INNOVO Link span is bespoke designed to be adaptable with the different tidal conditions: the floating elements weight is borne by the buoyancy of the element itself. While Innolift modules are used for withstand loads and the system motions (swell and sway) during vehicle embarkation/disembarkation.

Technical data sample

Maximum Load Capacity 180 Metric Tons
Overall Dimensions
Length 50 m
Breadth 30 m
Height 4 m
Assembly Weight 720 mT
Lifting Modules
Length 12 m
Bearing capacity 65 mT

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