Innovo joins industry organisation, Decom North Sea

Innovo has designed a bespoke internal cutting tool based on abrasive water jet technology.

Innovo has underlined its expertise in decommissioning by becoming a member of Decom North Sea, the UK organisation that connects capability with opportunity across the oil and gas decommissioning sector.

Stefano Malagodi, managing director of Innovo, explained, “Highly complex decommissioning campaigns call for exactly the kind of innovation, technology and skills we specialise in. By joining Decom North Sea, we can maximise opportunities to connect with other technology providers as well as operators and contractors.”

Innovo designs bespoke decommissioning equipment such as internal and external dredging tools, diamond wire cutting tools and an internal cutting tool based on abrasive water jet technology. The company’s resources also have specialist knowledge covering manufacturing and the delivery of decommissioning equipment. This end-to-end control of the equipment, and our experience in constructive collaboration, enables the company to play its part in building a strong decom supply chain.