Bespoke decommissioning tools save time and operational costs in the Middle East

Innovo’s offshore personnel installed, supervised and operated the bespoke decommissioning tools throughout the duration of the campaign.

Client: Saipem
Project: Platform decommissioning
Location: Safaniya field, Middle East

The challenge

Innovo was commissioned by multinational oilfield services company Saipem to provide demolition tools for operations in the Middle East. The team was given a tight delivery schedule to design, manufacture and supply equipment capable of dismantling oil and gas platforms operating in the Safaniya field, the largest offshore oilfield in the world.

The solution

Innovo’s engineering team designed bespoke equipment capable of reducing operating times and ensuring the cost effectiveness of the project. This included an Internal Cutting Tool (ICT) for internal platform leg cuts, customised to cut internal diameters of up to 42-in with a 2-in. wall thickness.

For external cuts, two Diamond Wire Cutting Tools (DWCTs) were manufactured with cutting ranges of 16-in. to 30-in. and 26-in. to 60-in. Bespoke internal and external dredging tools were also included to clear consolidated sediment from inside platform legs.

The team’s fast and efficient turnaround helped Saipem to meet the operator’s deadline for kick-off operations. Innovo’s skilled personnel installed, supervised and operated the tools offshore, helping to complete the decommissioning campaign safely and ahead of schedule.

The result

Design, manufacture and delivery of all equipment was successfully achieved in under four months. The reliability of Innovo’s equipment reduced the length of operations. Nine platforms were decommissioned in five months, four weeks ahead of schedule.

ICT performance

  • Legs removed: 31
  • Average cutting time: 1 hour per leg
  • Average abrasive consumption: 75 kg per cut
  • Number of fillings: 1 per leg.

DWCT (16-in. to 30-in.) performance

  • 16-in. OD riser pipe, 4 cuts, 30 min cut time
  • 14-in. OD pipeline, 15 min cut time
  • 32-in. OD bumper bar, 1.5 hour cut time
  • 20-in. OD boat landing pipe, 1 hour cut time
  • 16-in. OD bracing pipe, 25 min cut time.

DWCT (26-in. to 60-in.) performance

  • Cuts performed: 13
  • Jacket leg dimensions: 42-in. OD (1-in. thick)
  • Platform pile dimensions: 46.5-in. OD (1.5-in. thick)
  • Average cutting time 3-4 hours per leg.


Platform Decommissioning Case Study

Platform Decommissioning Case Study

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