Innovative motorised drum fast-tracked for operation offshore Egypt

The IMD loaded with a flying lead pallet and fastened to the offshore vessel’s deck.

Client: Saipem
Project: Bespoke motorised drum
Location: Atoll gas field, offshore Egypt

The challenge

Multinational oilfield services company Saipem commissioned Innovo to deliver a motorised turntable for winding / unwinding flying leads offshore Egypt.

The specification included the requirement for a stationary basement to be fastened to a hosting vessel, a rotating table capable of supporting, retaining and rotating a flying lead pallet, and an associated electrical drive unit and control system.

The solution

Innovo’s team of experts designed, built, tested and delivered a fully electric modular motorised solution, the Innovo Motorised Drum (IMD), to meet Saipem’s specifications. The bespoke design enabled the IMD to be loaded with a Steel Tube Fly Lead (STFL) pallet which is placed on a stationary basement fastened either to the ground or a vessel deck. A table supports, retains and rotates the pallet fully loaded with subsea flying leads.

Guaranteeing high levels of reliability, the IMD has two redundant engines – one functions as the master while the other stands by as a backup in case the master routing engine fails.

The IMD is controlled using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allowing greater efficiency than standard systems both in terms of performance and energy saving. It has a simple, user-friendly interface which proved easy to learn for offshore technicians.

The result

  • Innovo’s well-established, reliable supply chain enabled it to cost-effectively design, build, test and deliver the IMD in under 12 weeks
  • The modular design meant quick and easy deployment, requiring only a few hours to make ready for operations once in-situ
  • The IMD’s performance was scored highly for product / service quality, project management, planning and delivery, installation and commissioning, and health and safety.


Motorised Drum Case Study

Motorised Drum Case Study

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