Innovo’s robust 10T hydraulic tensioners are simple to operate, reliable systems which can be rapidly mobilised for operations around the world.

Working in partnership with Sparrows Group, Innovo also offers robust and reliable hydraulic and electric drive tensioners ranging from 3 to 62.5T.


  • Renewables
  • Communications
  • Oil and gas.


To maintain tension during:

  • Pipe and cable handling
  • Spooling operations.


  • Any load capacity
  • Any pipe / cable diameter capacity
  • Variable speed ranges available
  • Horizontal and vertical design
  • Two and four track systems
  • Load monitoring system
  • Hydraulic power unit supplied
  • Remote control unit supplied
  • Operator cabin supplied
  • Lifting and handling equipment supplied.

Horizontal tensioner benefits

Horizontal tensioner’s tracks are orientated in a horizontal plane to allow product to be laid in from overhead using a crane.

  • Ease of access for overhead product initiation – the frame is lower in height than a vertical tensioner
  • Can accommodate greater side loads from products that are not spooled into or out of the tensioner in a straight line.

Vertical tensioner benefits

Vertical tensioner’s tracks are orientated in a vertical plane to allow product to be placed in from from the side or pulled through with a leader line.

  • Reduced deck space
  • Can take greater vertical loads from product sag/bend.

4-track tensioner benefits

4-track tensioners have tracks orientated in a vertical and horizontal plane.

  • Better product load distribution and greater holding capacity
  • Higher tension loads can be taken by the machine with a shorter track length than with a 2-track machine.


10T Hydraulic Tensioner

10T Hydraulic Tensioner

10T Hydraulic Tensioner for Larger Product Diameters

10T Hydraulic Tensioner for Larger Product Diameters


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